Selected stories I’ve edited *

Cover Story: SZA

By Kara Brown. After four years of hard work, SZA’s debut album brought her worldwide acclaim. She thinks she can do better, for The FADER’s 2018 Earth issue.

Cover Story: Bad Bunny

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. Life in Puerto Rico for a refreshingly weird Latin trap star, for The FADER’s 2018 Fall Fashion issue.

Interview: Cola Boyy

By Khalila Douze. A conversation with the Oxnard musician, who makes disco pop for the revolution.

Cover Story: Rico Nasty

By Tasbeeh Herwees. One of the most spirited voices in rap got to where she is by trying on different identities, for The FADER’s 2018 Summer Music issue.

Feature: When spellers became athletes

By Ann-Derrick Gaillot. The delightful story of how the Scripps National Spelling Bee found a home on ESPN.

Interview: Trouble

By Gavin Godfrey. After years of grinding, the Atlanta rapper finally released his latest mixtape, Edgewood. It was absolutely worth the wait.

Feature: Where did all the saxophones go?

By Kelsey McKinney. How one instrument went from being the backbone of American popular music to being a punchline in a joke about the ’80s.

Essay: Black Teens Are Breaking The Internet And Seeing None Of The Profits

By Doreen St. Felix. Young creatives are using social media to shape the culture we consume. But what happens when they don’t own their work?

Feature: Who the drugs kill

By Lilian Min. Young Asian-Americans in Southern California’s MDMA- and ecstasy-filled rave and festival circuit are dying in alarming numbers.

Feature: The very white ways of the top 40

By Kelsey McKinney. The outdated practices of America’s most popular radio program perpetuate systemic musical segregation.


*Is this weird? It is my personal belief that editors should more frequently share the work they edit and assign, for both accountability and bragging rights.